How to Repair Corrupt AVI Video File

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Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Steps to Fix AVI Video File

What is an AVI video file?

AVI - short for Audio Video Interleave is a multimedia file format designed and developed by Microsoft. AVI files contain audio and video file data that performs a synchronized playback when the file is played. It is one of the most famous multimedia file formats used to store and play videos and movies on multiple platforms.

Symptoms of a corrupt AVI video file you notice before performing AVI video file fix:

  • The computer fails to play the AVI file and it is inaccessible by media players - you can try various multimedia players like VLC, DivX, etc. to play those files. Or you can find out the AVI video codecs and use any appropriate program to play it
  • The audio video streaming is out-of-sync - the corresponding video plays before the audio data or the video is played after its corresponding audio data is played
  • The AVI movie freezes all of a sudden and the audio continues to run, or the AVI file totally stops playing
  • The AVI video has disoriented pixels and the movie play is sticky
  • You are unable to forward a portion or rewind the AVI file
  • The AVI video file consumes space but its playtime duration shows as 00:00:00

Scenarios wherein AVI video file repair is essential:

  • Improper sharing of AVI video files is one of the main reasons for file corruptions
  • Power outages while copying the AVI files or transporting them from one drive to another
  • Physical damage to the volume or CD / DVD containing AVI video files can sometimes corrupt the AVI video files
  • Third party softwares like an antivirus tool or a virus / malware trying to modify the files
  • Converting the AVI videos to any other file format using untrusted applications and interruptions during conversion process of AVI files can corrupt those files that lead you to mend AVI video file
  • Faults in header file of the AVI file can cause errors like audio video out of sync or any other errors resulting in file corruptions
  • Downloading AVI video files over the internet that are broken or damaged
  • Errors while downloading AVI movies or pausing while downloading AVI files and downloading files over faulty client networks can corrupt AVI video files
  • Errors encountered while compressing and / or decompressing AVI files for transferring or storing purposes can corrupt the AVI files
  • Sudden power outage or improper system shutdown while accessing the AVI videos
  • Errors in multimedia players that run the AVI files can harm those files
  • Constantly moving AVI files from one platform to another. For example, moving AVI files from Windows to Mac OS or from Mobile to computers can corrupt AVI files
  • Other errors come from modifying, cropping, enhancing the video files using third party applications and from unknown errors

Free AVI Video File Repair Tool - Remo Repair AVI

No matter how bad the AVI files are corrupted or what the reason for file corruption is, you can always use Remo Recover tool to perform AVI video file repair. This corrupt AVI file recovery software can fix errors like audio video out-of-sync, header file errors and major AVI related issues that makes repairing AVI video file a successful job. You can as well preview the fixed AVI file by playing a portion of that file even before restoring it back on your drive. Fixing AVI video file is best done with this amazing video repair tool while retaining its original video quality. In some cases, corrupted video files plays blurry, and so you can't be able to view the original quality of the video, as it was before getting corrupt. In such cases, you can use this Remo Repair AVI App to fix blurry videos on both Mac and Windows systems easily in few couple of clicks.

Steps to perform AVI video file repair using Remo Repair tool:

Step 1: Download Remo Repair AVI and install it on your computer. Run the software & select the AVI file that is to be repaired using “Browse” option. Then click on “Repair” option to start the repair process.

Repairing Avi Video File - Select AVI File

Figure 1: Select AVI File

Step 2: The software starts repairing the AVI video file and the repair progress can be viewed in the progress bar as shown.

Avi Video File Fix - Repair Process

Figure 2: Repair Process

Step 3: After repair process completion, you can preview the repaired AVI video file using "Preview" option before saving it to any location on your drive.

Mend Avi Video File - Preview AVI File

Figure 3: Preview AVI File

Step 4: Ssave the repaired AVI video file to any desired location using "Save" option. (This step can be performed only with full version of Remo Repair AVI).

Fixing AVI Video File - Save AVI File

Figure 4: Save AVI File