Why Overwritten Files are not Recovered?

Why Overwritten Files Cannot Be Recovered?

Once a file is deleted from any memory volume, only the address of the location of that file is removed from the registry keeping the file data intact. This results in the file being deleted from that location as it turns invisible to the operating system. That deleted file shall remain on the same memory location as long as it is not overwritten by any new content. But by using appropriate data recovery softwares such as Remo Recover, you can allow the software to search for such deleted files and recover them.

In case you write any new contents to the drive from where data recovery has to be performed, there are possibilities that the new content would replace the location of the deleted file. If this happens, the deleted content’s data would be permanently removed from the memory device. This is why overwritten files are not recovered by any means.

In situations where some of your important data is deleted or lost from any storage devices and you want to recover it back, make sure not to copy or download any content to that drive as it greatly reduces the possibilities of recovering the deleted contents back.