Answered - Why Outlook Hangs on Loading Profile and How to Fix It?

Why Outlook Hangs on Loading Profile and Solution to Fix

For several reasons, it may happen that Outlook hangs upon loading your profile and it stops responding. In this article you can find some of the most common solutions for this issue.

Generally, Outlook hangs on loading profile only when its data files are being accessed by other applications. Outlook needs to access its data files (PST and OST files) in order to read & write on them, when you start your Outlook profile. If the data files are already being accessed by the other applications, then Outlook hangs on “Loading profile…” while you wait for these Outlook data files to become available. If you are not familiar about why my Outlook hangs on loading profile, then continue reading to the reasons behind the issue and solution to fix it.

Usually, Outlook hangs under certain circumstances. Few common situations wherein you may face such situations are:

  • When the anti-virus tool is scanning the Outlook data files, your Outlook can hang at any moment, in case if the Outlook data files are infected from viruses and malwares. You can try solving the issue by yourself by disabling the anti-virus tool on your system
  • At the time, when Outlook is syncing with third party applications, there are chances of hanging of your Outlook. The probable solution for this issue is identifying all the installed applications that may require the synchronization of Outlook and stop these applications from their sync process.
  • When your Windows search engine is reading or indexing your Outlook data files, it can result in hanging of Outlook on start up. Solution for this problem is just try by stopping the indexing service and see whether your Outlook is working fine or not.
  • If your Outlook earlier process is still running in background, then it results in locking of your Outlook data files, which in turn can hang Outlook profile. You can solve this issue by starting the Windows Task Manager and kill the outlook.exe processes that is running in background. Now, see whether Outlook is working fine or not

After trying out with all the above mentioned possible solutions, if your Outlook is still hanging on loading profile, and not familiar about a query like why my Outlook hangs on loading profile, then your Outlook data files might have corrupted severely and you need to rely on powerful and reliable third party repair tool to fix the issues. Try out with outstanding Outlook repair tool developed by Remo software. Remo Repair Outlook software has an ability to repair PST file outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000 editions of Microsoft Outlook with great ease. Moreover, it also recovers deleted or lost emails, contacts, journals, notes, and other Outlook attributes while repairing the Outlook data files.