Help - Why is My Hard Disk Inaccessible?

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Reasons for inaccessible hard disk:

Most of the time Microsoft Windows detected a hard disk problem error message pops up on your computer screen due to which the hard drive become inaccessible at some point of time.  Hard drive failure is typically associated with innumerous reasons. Some of the common factors are mentioned below:

Boot sector virus: These are a special kind of viruses that targets to infect the MBR. It does this by replacing its own code into the hard disk partition and when the computer starts booting. As a result of infection the MBR (used for booting system) gets corrupted and the hard drive becomes inaccessible.

Bad sectors: These are those sectors of the hard disk that is unreadable, which signifies that it is physically damaged. If such sectors are left behind, it may build up causing damage on more sectors. Due to this, the hard disk cannot be accessed anymore.

Corrupt Windows registry: Windows registry is a vital file in system, which contains settings, options, information about the stored file and applications. Due to frequent removal of files and applications, invalid entries increase in the file, making it corrupt. This in turn affects hard disk and causes its failure.  

Sudden power outage: Power failures affect the computer largely. When your system shutdowns suddenly while performing complex process like defragmentation, it may make your hard disk inaccessible

Besides the above mentioned scenarios, there are many other events that tend to cause crash in hard drives. Such HDD failures can be handled easily if it is caused due to minor issues. In case of complex scenarios, the only option left over is to formatting the hard disk. After formatting the hard drive, employ the exclusive recovery software - Remo Recover and get back all your files from inaccessible hard disk in a safe and easy manner.