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Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Are you encountering an error while highly compressing a file?

Don’t worry!! This is not the issue only with you, most people usually encounter this.  General errors that you see are "compressed (zipped) folders error", "unable to complete operation" and "access is denied". Such errors occur due to innumerous reasons. Some of the common reasons are described below

  • You may be compressing a large set of files with size exceeding the maximum limit
  • Using unreliable software to compress files or folders
  • Corruption in header section of zip file, while compressing a file, might also leads to error
  • Highly compressing improper files such as images, can alter its clarity

These errors can be fixed easily if the problem is because of minor issues. However, in complicated cases, the files may get damaged and leads to data inaccessibility. In that case you can use the exclusive repair software called Remo Repair to fix the corrupted files. By using this application, one can easily generate a new healthy file without altering the original corrupted file. Contact our 24*7 customer care to any more queries in regarding his software.