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Where Does Remo Recover Store Deleted Photos?

When you perform deleted photo recovery with Remo Recover software, software asks you to select a destination to save photos. Here you can give your any preferred location.

Do not select a drive from which you are recovering deleted photos. When you try to select the same drive from which picture files are to be recovered, the software will not allow you to select that drive. Additionally, it will show a message:

"You are trying to save data on the same partition/drive from which you are trying to recover"

Software does not allow you to store photos on the same drive because if you save recovered pictures on the same location, it will overwrite the files present in the drive. Therefore, it will reduce the chances of complete data recovery from that drive.

Avoid following actions!

  • After complete recovery of deleted photos, do not save these recovered files in a virus affected drive as it may result in damaging or deletion of pictures files
  • Avoid saving picture files on any corrupted drive such as memory cards, external hard drives, USB drives, FireWire devices and other drives
  • Do not save recovered data on a drive which does not have enough storage space