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Posted by: Leo Mccoy

When should I use the Quick or Smart Scan mode?

Remo Recover is a fabulous data recovery tool which is integrated with some incomparable features and one among its feature is “Smart Scan or Quick Scan” mode. By applying this software makes an intense scan of selected drive using powerful scanning techniques and extracts each and every deleted, lost and missing file from the drive. However, it’s not suggested to directly go for smart scan as you can also recover files using normal scan.

You may get a question such as, when should I use the Quick or Smart scan mode? Normally Remo Recover identifies and locates the lost files with the use of normal scan. However, at times when you may fail to locate the file that you are willing to recover using normal scan. Then it is advised to make use of “Smart scan” option in order to retrieve those files and complete the recovery process. Smart scan can also be used to recover data from hard drives having bad sectors.