What is a Checksum Error in RAR?

What Does Checksum Error in RAR Mean?

A RAR file with file extension of .rar, is used to compress and decompress contents mainly to reduce disk storage space. Transporting or storing data in RAR format has many benefits such as all types of data can be compressed and stored as a single .rar file, to ease downloading and uploading of files as it consumes less data, etc. In order to extract .rar file contents, you will have to use a third party software such as WinRAR.

What is a checksum error in RAR?

Sometimes while trying to extract RAR contents, you may encounter checksum or CRC errors that won’t allow the software to extract any contents from that file. This can happen due to numerous reasons including file corruption, broken and file damage. Here’s a detailed description about what does checksum error in rar mean.

A checksum, in RAR, is an error detecting code to protect the RAR file contents while it is compressed. Each time the RAR file is transported is stored the CRC value is recomputed and checked against the initially stored value. If they are not equal, an error note is generated to inform you that the RAR file contents may have been modified or the file is corrupted and therefore you won’t be able to extract them.

Probable causes for checksum errors in RAR files:

  • Virus and malware infections can easily damage RAR files causing checksum errors to appear
  • Any errors in WinRAR software can corrupt a .rar file while accessing it and my lead in CRC errors. Also, receiving RAR files over faulty client networks may result in similar errors
  • Damages coming from power related issues such as power outages, system crashes due to low RAM memory, improper terminations and the like can cause RAR files to get damaged resulting in checksum issues
  • A RAR file can get corrupt in case the storage volume containing those files runs into corruptions or malfunctions
  • Using two different tools for accessing RAR files may result in software conflicts leading to RAR file checksum errors

Facing difficulties is accessing or extracting RAR files?

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