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Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Why is my SD card not detecting?

Sometimes the computer fails to detect the SD card connected to your system. There are various reasons behind this problem. Let us have look into some of the common factors that causes these issues 

  • Absence of drivers
  • Problems with the card reader
  • File system corruption
  • Locking SD card using the lock switch
  • Severe malware attack
  • Logical or physical damage on the card

Due to the above scenarios, your system may have problem in detecting the SD card. So, take the precautionary steps and avoid such events to save your SD card from damage. If in case you have formatted your SD card and lost your valuable files, Remo Recover can come to your aid to get those files back. This app has capability to restore any amount of files lost/deleted from your SD card. Moreover, you can utilize this software on all familiar models of SD card diligently.