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Posted by: Leo Mccoy

How to uninstall Remo Recover on Mac?

Uninstallation of Remo Recover Mac can be performed in two ways

  • Using Remo Recover Mac Uninstall
  • Using Trash

Using Remo Recover Mac Uninstall

Follow the steps to uninstall Remo Recover Mac:

  • Go to Remo Recover Mac folder and click “Unistall” option. A pop up will be displayed asking to uninstall the software. Select “YES” option.

  • Swiftly uninstalltion process will take place.
  • Message will be displayed stating Unistallation is completed.

Thus, you have successfully uninstalled Remo Recover Mac software from your system.

Using Trash

Other way to remove Remo Recover Mac from your system is by using Trash. Go to Application folder -> Select Remo Recover Mac utility -> Move to Trash.

Then once you clear your Trash folder utility is completely unistalled from your Mac Operating System.