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Top Reasons for Data Loss

Unfortunately, data loss is a serious problem. In fact, for many computer users it’s almost unavoidable that you will eventually come across few types of data loss scenarios that result in lost or damaged of system files. The key to prevent data loss on computer is to know most common reasons behind it, so that you can avoid any future mishaps. Even though lost data can be restored with the help of effective data recovery software like Remo Recover. Before using the recovery application know what to do after data loss because it’s really impossible to recover overwritten files.

Also learn some of the ways to prevent data loss and file corruption so that you can take care of it in future.

Here's the list of top 10 causes of data loss:

  • Accidental deletion of data: One of the common cause for data loss is human errors. Most people mistakenly delete their data from hard disk, Recycle Bin, etc. sometimes the deletion is intentional and it may be unintentional. Therefore, in both cases the file you need is gone.
  • Computer viruses and damaging Malware: There are numerous dangerous viruses that may attack your computer and if they are not dealt properly it may lead to data loss. It is critically important to install good anti-virus program on your system and keep it up to date to protect from these attacks.
  • Unintentionally formatting your hard drive: Sometimes, user may accidentally format their hard disk drive which caused instant loss of information contained on it.
  • Head crashes: Due to any reasons, if the read/write heads of your hard drive gets damaged then the data stored on that affected section of the platter will be lost.
  • Software crashed: When you are making important file and suddenly the software halts or crashes; it may corrupt your drive and all the unsaved data will be lost.
  • Logical errors: Logical errors are mainly caused by software problems, file corruption and invalid entries in file location. This may corrupt various files which result in huge data loss.
  • Firmware corruption: You will not be able to recognize the Operating System or access the drive on your computer when the firmware is seriously damaged.
  • Power failure: Another common cause of data loss is power failure. All the unsaved data will be lost and may also corrupt your files.
  • Continued to use computer after signs of failure: Many users ignore the early signs of hard drive failure and continue to operate their system in this state which result in further file corruption and may overwrite some files.
  • Physical damage: Hard drive are the most fragile parts of computer system, mishandling of the drive leads to physical damage resulting in data loss or corruption.