Quick & Easy Memory Card Error Solutions

A memory card is an electronic device which is used for storing digital information. It is commonly used in portable devices like digital camera, mobile phones, tablets, MP3 player, video game consoles and even laptop.

At times, something may go wrong with the memory card and you will see error messages such as “memory card error”, “memory card locked” or the precious images on the memory card could disappear. In some situations, when you connect your memory card to computer, the Windows may prompt you to format the card. All these memory card problems and errors are caused by a variety of different factors resulting in loss or inaccessibility of your valuable photos.

Here’s memory card problems and solutions to solve them

Mentioned below are some common problems that can occur with memory cards. Simple and straightforward solutions are explained for each issue to avoid any errors, corruption or damage to your card.

Memory card write protected or locked: SD memory cards and their variants (SDXC/SDHC) have a lock on them that restrict memory from being used when the lock is ON. This is the reason why users encounter error saying memory card is locked or write protected when they try to record videos or pictures. The solution for this problem is easy. If the lock is in bottom position, you just need to slide it up to unlock the SD card or toggle the switch back and forth.

Computer will not read memory card: Sometimes, a computer cannot read or access data from the memory card, even though the card works fine with your camera. The problem here is likely with the PC, rather than with the card, so the user can try a different USB port. If that still does not fix the issue, then you can download the drivers for your computer.

Corrupted or damaged card: SD memory card being a portable device are easily prone to corruption. Many different things such as virus infection, faulty card reader or mishandling can corrupt or damage a memory card. In such case, it is recommended to repair corrupted SD card with the help of Remo Recover software.

Tips to avoid memory card problems and errors

  • Switch off your camera or mobile phone before you remove the memory card
  • Don’t use the same memory card on multiple devices
  • Always safely eject your memory card from the computer
  • If disaster strikes, please stop using your memory card
  • Avoid filling your memory card completely
  • Don’t pull your memory card out of card reader or camera when the card is in use

The above listed are some simple but important tips that will surely help you to keep your SD memory card error free. But, if you have lost your data from any memory card, you can use photo recovery software from Remo. The software easily recover deleted data from memory card in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 without damaging the original contents of the card.