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Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Data Recovery Software Not Detecting Phone

While trying to recover your phone data employing recovery software you may come across a situation, wherein the phone fails to get detected by data recovery software. This sort of inconvenience, caused during recovery of your vital data from Android phone may make you feel nervous. Well, there are couple of reasons that creates this issue, which are mentioned below.

  • Connected phone may be running on very old version of Android operating system which is not supported by data recovery software, because of which phone fails to get recognized by software
  • Improper rooting of Android phone may become a reason for phone not getting detected by software

Besides, there are one or two user slips such as, connecting phone to system in wrong mode or improper connection to system (lose pin, or USB cable problem) may also become reason behind data recovery software not detecting phone. However, some of the tips are provided below, which might help you to fix this issue.

  • Make sure you connect phone in proper mode
  • Accessories that you are using to connect phone are in working condition
  • Update your Android phone to new version

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