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Posted by: Leo Mccoy

SD Card Not Detected Android

At times you come across issues wherein your SD card is not detected, recognized or read by Android device. There are many reasons behind it, but corruption of SD card is the most common among all. After which SD fails to be detected by your Android phone or other SD card supporting Android devices.

Few of the factors that are responsible for this troublesome are listed below:

  • Improver ejection of SD card from Android device or connect system
  • Improper changes made to file system of SD card
  • Use of same SD card in different devices
  • Storing unsecure data on SD card

At times, it is just due to incorrect loading of SD card in Android device so make sure you place it, correct and proper way. Even after this, if you persist with same problem then one of the above mentioned factors may be responsible. However, this issue can be solved by formatting SD card and in order to recover its data, you can go for formatted SD card recovery tool. In order get technical help regarding this issue click here.