Save Recovery Session

Why Save Recovery Session?

Consider a situation; you are running the recovery process on your computer to restore hard drive data. Usually, it takes more time if the size of data that has to be recovered is very large, for example 500 GB. Now what if you want to stop recovery process? If you quit from recovery operation, definitely next time you will have to spend the same amount of time again to restore entire data. Therefore, you must have an option to escape from such condition so that you can save time. But how is it possible? Have you any idea?

Save Recovery Session is the option for you!

Yes, now you can avoid re-scanning of anticipated drive and save time. Here is an exclusive feature comes in picture that is “Save Recovery Session”. Remo Recover software is empowered with an advanced technique that facilitates users to have an option to pause and resume recovery process at any instance. Save Recovery Session option plays an important role during the data recovery operation by empowering users to save the scanned information in a file. In this way, re-scanning of a drive can be avoided.

How to get benefited with Save Recovery Session option?

Download and install Remo Recover software on your PC or laptop and launch the software. On the main screen, you will find three options. Select appropriate recovery option and then select a particular drive from which you have to recover data. After selecting the drive, the software will start scanning the drive for lost or deleted data. After scanning process, it will show a list of recovered files. Now, if you attempt to terminate recovery process after complete scanning, the software will ask you to save the entire recovery session. Later, just Open Recovery Session file and proceed with the recovery / saving process.