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Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Remo Recover for Windows Phone

Many Windows phone users query if they can restore data from their Windows phone (internal memory)? Well the answer is NO, as software won’t facilitate you to recover data from Windows phone’s internal memory since this feature is still not added to software.

However, you can recover from your Windows phone’s external or extended memory i.e. from SD cards, micro SD cards, memory cards and flash memory cards by connecting it to your Mac / Windows computer.

Here are a few scenarios that result in data loss on your Windows phone’s external memory:

  • Virus infection on the SD card as a result of inserting the card on various devices. There’s a high probability for data loss when files are saved on such SD cards.
  • Unsafe removal of SD card from the Windows phone.
  • Interruptions while writing data to the SD card.
  • Accidental format of SD card or unintentional deletion of data.