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Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Remo Recover Error

It is observed that user may encounter few errors with Remo Recover. But need not to worry, as these can be rectified by reading user manual by user itself or by contacting customer support team.

“Enable to Activate, Contact Support”

This error is generated when user enter a wrong activation key or code to active the software. It recommended to contact support team to complete activation on getting this error.

“Invalid Serial Number”

When a user enter invalid serial number or when user enters a serial number that is outdated, then this error is shown. Suppose you are trying to activate the latest version of Remo Recover(4.0) using an old key that you used to activate its older version, say Remo Recover(2.0). Then this error message is displayed.

“Online Activation failed, Do you want to proceed with Offline Activation?”

Remo Recover can be used on two systems using same activation for two times. If user tries to use the same kind third time even on the same system then this error message is popped up. As default Remo Recover activation key can be used only twice. This can be solved using Remo Recover unlock code, click here to know more about unlock code.

“This application cannot be launched because you do not have read / write access to ticket file”

This error is only encountered on Mac machines when you try to launch the software. At times due to internal security reasons software may fail to open and result in this error. Sometimes it can be resolved by moving software to desktop screen and launching from there, or else just contact our support team.

“The application Remo Recover can’t be opened – 1712”

1712 is an error that restricts software from getting open; however this issue is only faced on Mac systems as it is generated due to internal error of Mac OS. This can be resolved by contacting our technical support team.