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Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Remo Recover Mac Review

Recovery of data should be safe, secure and complete; and Remo Recover Mac fulfills all three aspects. It is a specially designed data recovery tool for Mac systems and capable of retrieving data from unexpected and unmanageable data crisis. However, today you find many recovery tools for Mac OS X, but how Remo Recover Mac is different from others? For your convenience pros and cons of software are listed below, so that you can judge yourself about the software.


  • Hassle free and simple use graphical user interface which makes recovery process easy as ever
  • Software is pre-scanned for faulty elements and dangerous virus infections
  • Supports data recovery from wide range of Mac device such as iPod, iMac, Mac Books, Laptops, etc
  • Skilled to restore files, folders, applications, documents, etc., that are deleted, lost and missing from your Mac system
  • Well matched to recover data from all versions of Mac OS X like Mountain, Snow leopard, Mountain Lion, etc
  • Has the caliber to bring back files that are erased after emptying Trash Bin
  • Assist you to attain complete data recovery from hard drive, external drive, pen drive, memory card and other external storing media
  • Ingenuously makes signature scan and capable of identifying files based on unique file format
  • Recovery of data from crashed, failed or un-mounting volumes can be done effectively
  • Compatible with file systems like FAT16, FAT32, HFS, HFS+, etc
  • Permits users to get an earlier view of retrieved data by displaying it in Mac finder style interface
  • Flexible to user needs and grants you the permission to add/edit new file type to its database
  • Provides you help 24/7 as it has a very responsive support team


  • From the recovered list of data only multimedia files can be previewed 
  • Won’t support installation in phone as it a mainframe software not a app
  • Might take bit more extra minutes for scanning a volume if the volume has bad sectors on it



After analyzing the software it is suggested that if you are looking for safe and sound recovery of your Mac data, then Remo Recover Mac is the one that one needs to opt for since it is perfectly suited for Mac systems. Even though software has some minor limitations, it hardly affects the performance of software. However for real time experience it is suggested to download the trial version of software and evaluate the capabilities of software.