How to Organize Photos on Mac

Once you have migrated your pictures from iPhone or iPad (or both) to your Mac, you probably want to organize them so that you can quickly find images from specific events and dates.

To help you accomplish these task, here’s a tutorial that provides an overview of how to organize photos on Mac and few suggestions to quickly find your images.

Let us have a look at some of the ways to organize photos on Mac:

Automatically organized: Mac automatically sorts your photos by date and location. The sorted images are called moments. All these images are organized in a timeline where you can see all your collection. By clicking the back and forth icons on the left-hand side of the toolbar, you can navigate through the different collections of pictures across the timeline.

Create smart albums: In Mac Photo application, you can create Smart Albums which automatically collect images based on rules you have defined. To create a smart album, follow these steps:

  • Launch Photos application on your Mac
  • Select Albums from the list of tabs in your sidebar
  • Click + icon and choose Smart Album, then enter a name for the new smart album
  • Set the appropriate conditions you want to apply for the Smart Album and click OK

At times, while organizing photos on Mac, a sync or transition error result in the loss or deletion of photos from Mac. In such case, it is recommended to use Mac picture recovery software and restore all images. To avoid photo loss, try to avoid disconnecting your device abruptly and ensure you use the sync function properly.

Tips to find your photos easily on Mac

  • Name the folders and save them to a specific location on your Mac’s hard drive. Try to create subfolders in the Pictures folder
  • Assign a location via GPS or manually in photo library
  • Use the face recognition feature in photo application
  • Add keywords and tags that describes what’s in the image
  • Create a collection or album of your favorite images from each vacation or period of time