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Possibility to Recover Data from Zeroed Drive

What do you mean by a zeroed hard drive?

Zeroing a hard disk drive is a process to permanently erase all data from the hard disk (i.e. formatting the hard drive). This technique involves overwriting of data with zeroes on that drive. Writing zero “0” to a hard drive location causes the magnetization power of that particular spot on the hard drive to be almost zero. (But not exactly 0. It might be around 0.0001). This minute value of the magnetic disk goes undetected by the general hard disk drive software as it is only equipped to decide if the value is closer to high or low i.e. 0 or 1. So the normal hard disk drive software reads 0.0001 as 0 itself as it is close enough to 0 and hence the data is said to be permanently deleted on that drive.

So, can data from a zeroed drive be recovered?

Technically, normal hard disk drive softwares are unable to detect or read any data from a zeroed drive. The data is almost irrecoverable because it has been overwriiten many times using data shredding patterns.

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