Why my Pen Drive is Showing Empty Though it has Data?

Annoyed by your pen drive when it is not showing any of your files and folders even though it has data in it, then keep calm! Read on this article to learn how to overcome the issue and recover your files back from a pen drive that is not showing any data.


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“I have 64 GB Transcend USB pen drive and 28 GB of it is filled with my important files. When I inserted it into my computer today morning, it got detected and showing the occupied space. But, when I tried to access my data, it is not showing any files and folders. I don’t know why my pen drive showing empty although it has data in it. I have very important files saved in it. Please help me to access my files back. Thank you…!”

Why pen drive shows as empty even when data exists in it?

Pen drive showing empty even when space is occupied by your files, is one of the most common reasons for data loss disaster. It usually prevents you from viewing your data, but checking for the used space and unused space shows correctly. The most possible reason behind this issue is harmful virus attack to your USB pen drive. Some dangerous viruses can not only infect your files, but also makes them hidden. Sometimes, it creates shortcut of your files and folders that leads to nowhere.

How to fix USB files not showing files but space is used issue and recover files?

If you are a victim of the above mentioned problem and trying to find a solution, then you have come to the right place! Here, you will get a complete solution for how to fix pen drive showing empty although it has data and get back your data files from it in two easy ways. By the way, this tutorial also work well with external hard disk drives, flash drives, memory cards, and other storage devices.

Solution 1: Use CMD to unhide files when pen drive is not showing data

Perform the actions explained below to unhide files on your pen drive

  • Insert your USB pen drive to your desktop or laptop via USB port. Now, open windows Explorer > Go to Tools > Folder options > Go to View tab > Check “Show Hidden Files”. By performing this action, you can make sure that the files and folders ate not hidden any more
  • 2. Now, go to Start Menu  Run  Type cmd and press Enter. To make the files visible on your pen drive, you have to type commands like shown below attrib –h –r –s /s /d k:\*.* and press Enter. Replace ‘K’ letter with your pen drive letter.

Now, you can see all your files and folders on your USB pen drive. In case, if you see a file or folder without any name, then rename it in order to recover its content.

Solution 2: Use Remo Recover software to recover your data from pen drive that is not showing files

If the above procedure failed to get back your data, then don’t worry! Because recovering hidden files from virus infected pen drive that is not showing your files and folders is made easy by Remo Recover software. This software is designed with user friendly interface that guides you throughout the recovery process and without any difficulty you can implement and run this tool to bring back your files from pen drive, which is not showing the files and folders.