NTLDR is Missing on Windows 10 - Solution

At times, you may face serious issues when Windows system fail to boot or start with NTLDR is missing error. This error is immediately displayed after the PC is first started. There are some different ways that this error may present with the first item being common such as:

  • "NTLDR is missing
    Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart" 
  • "NTLDR is missing
    Press any key to restart" 
  • "Boot: Couldn't find NTLDR
    Please insert another disk"

What causes NTLDR is missing error on Windows 10?

The most common cause behind the NTLDR missing error is when your Windows 10 PC is trying to boot from a hard disk drive or flash drive that is not properly configured. In other words, the system is trying to boot from a non-bootable source. Other factors contributing to the NTLDR missing include:

  • Corrupt hard drive sectors
  • Damaged Master Boot Record
  • Corruption in partition boot sector
  • Corrupt or misconfigured files
  • Outdated BIOS, etc.

Free NTLDR is missing Windows 10 solution

Here are some quick solutions that you can try to get rid of error NTLDR is missing and get Windows 10 PC to be booted normally.

1. Press CTRL + ALT + Delete to restart your PC to fix the NTLDR error.

2. Check system hard disk and other drive BIOS setting is configured properly.

3. Replace or fix the boot.ini.file to resolve error NTLDR is missing on Windows 10.

4. If MBR or partition boot is corrupt, then try to repair it to resolve the NTLDR error.

5. Update the outdated motherboard’s BIOS.

Still facing the error NTLDR is missing on Windows 10?

If the above-mentioned solution failed, then the operating system or the hard drive itself is totally corrupted. In such case, make use of Remo Recover tool that shows you how to recover data on Windows 10 with utmost ease. Later, format the hard drive in order to fix NTLDR issues. The software thoroughly scans the drive and retrieve all lost or deleted data without affecting the drive and its contents.