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Money Back Guarantee

Yes, we do provide money back guarantee, provided you fulfill the following criterias

Money back is guaranteed when,

  • Your order will be refunded when Remo Recover finds any flaw or error in the software.
  • Support team fails in providing a solution for this problem
  • Your money is deducted twice due to some transactional problem. The amount which was deducted during the first transaction will be refunded and the second transaction will be retained
  • You purchase a product of different edition for the first time and then buy the desired product. For eg, on your purchase of Remo Recover (Windows) Basic Edition product instead of Pro Edition. But then if you purchase the Pro Edition also then the money paid for purchasing the Basic Edition will be definitely refunded.

You are not eligible to claim for money back,

  • After activating our software
  • After 30 days time period
  • If the expected results were not obtained

Note: Reimbursement is not done when you claim for money back without trying to resolve technical issues with the help of our support team.