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Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Is there Recycle Bin in Android Devices?

Android doesn’t have a particular Recycle Bin folder, like Windows operating system. But there are apps that are developed for Android devices that act similar to Recycle Bin, giving you a chance to restore accidentally deleted files and folders.

Data saved on an Android phone can be lost as a result of various reasons. It may either be as a result of human errors or device malfunction. Below are a few scenarios that result in data loss on Android devices.

  • Accidental format of SD card or phone’s internal memory by the user.
  • Interruptions while transferring files to or from the Android device.
  • Viruses in the SD card or phone’s memory can damage the files saved on it and cause them to be deleted.
  • One may also lose data while upgrading his Android to a newer version.
  • Unsafe removal of SD card highly increases the rate of losing data saved on it.

Android has a storage medium and one can store data in phone memory or external memory like SD cards and other memory cards. So with the use of good Android recovery tool you can retrieve lost data from Android devices by executing Android data recovery. In order to get more information about Android Recycle Bin recovery click here.