How to Prevent External Hard Drive Failure

An external HDD is a portable device that connects into a desktop PC with a USB cable or FireWire. It add file storage space to your computer and can even be used to backup files from your system. As external hard drives hold vital files and system backups, so preventative external hard disk care is necessary to keep the device in good working condition.

Learn how to take care of portable external hard drive

Inevitably portable or internal hard drive will fail and result in potential data disasters. But you can take steps to prevent external hard drive failure. Let’s examine such easy steps to maintain hard disk in good health.

  • Keep in a safe, secure location: Position portable HDD on a clean, flat and stable surface where it will not jostled, dropped or bumped. Also, keep the external disk away from air conditioner, humidifiers or heaters.
  • Always eject it, don’t unplug: One simple way to take care of portable drive is to use the option to eject the drive rather than just pulling out from the USB port. Other added benefit of this eject option is that it will protect both data and device.
  • Don’t move external HD while it’s powered on: Keep portable HDD stationary whenever it is turned on. Avoid moving your drive while it is in use as it may result in damage.
  • Regularly backup your external hard drive data: External hard drives don’t crash or fail often, but you should always have a backup of your data. Regularly backing up your drive is a wise option to ensure that your data will not be lost in the event that your portable HD is accidentally damaged or corrupted.

Sometimes, it’s entirely possible for the external portable hard drive to fail even after taking care of it and there are high chances of losing your important data. However, no need to panic, you can make use of portable hard drive data recovery software from REMO Recover. The advanced algorithms of the tool thoroughly scan the drive and effectively recover deleted, lost and formatted files from all brands of external hard drives.