How to Safely Recover Virus Infected Files from Hard Drive

Viruses are everywhere! Sometimes, you log onto your computer and it takes endless time to boot. After it does, a few strange operations litter your desktop and your PC browse sends you to an unfamiliar ad. It sounds like your computer has an issue with malware. Although there are safety measures you can take to limit the risk of infecting your system. At times, you simply have bad luck and your computer get infected anyway and result in unexpected data loss. Do not panic, luckily you can recover and safely transfer files from virus infected computer for completely free. Here you will get step-by-step instructions of exactly how to do it.

The steps to take if your computer is virus infected

1. Recover files from virus infected computer using CMD

When your data gets lost or become inaccessible due to virus infection, at first try CMD to recover virus infected files from computer hard drive. Being free and easy, it is surely your prime choice. Here is the detailed guide:

  • Go to Start menu and type cmd in a search box and click Enter key.
  • Under a list of programs, find cmd.exe.
  • Right click on cmd.exe and type attrib -h -r -s /s /d G:\*.* (Replace G with your drive letter) to recover virus infected files.

Please wait patiently, the above process usually needs few minutes to complete it. After it is completed, you can go to your drive to check all of the virus infected files. But, if it doesn’t work, don’t panic! You have another option to recover deleted files caused by virus infection with Remo Recover software

2. Safely recover virus infected files from hard drive with Remo Recover

Remo Recover is a professional file recovery application that helps you to recover files from virus infected computer hard drive and multiple storage devices like USB flash drive, external hard drive, pen drives, etc. With intuitive and user friendly GUI, the virus file recovery process is extremely easy even for a novice user.

How to detect the symptoms that your computer is virus infected?

  • You are redirected to a different site other than the ones you are trying to visit
  • Web browser can’t load pages, freeze and become unresponsive
  • You are bombarded with notorious pop ups
  • Computer crashes and run slower than usual
  • New icons appears on your desktop that you don’t recognize

Useful suggestions:

  • Always scan your computer with the latest antivirus program
  • Regularly take backup of your important files and folders
  • Keep updating the antivirus software