Partition Failed Error in Mac OS X - Fixed

Have you ever attempted to partition a drive on your Mac machine and encountered “Partition failed” with error “Could not modify partition map due to file system verification failed”? If yes, then don’t worry! Here are few possible solutions for a question like how to resolve a “Partition failed” error in Mac OS X.

Off course you might have lost all your important data files after facing such error message. If this is the case, follow the solutions that are given in this page and get back all your data without losing single file.

Solution 1: Try fixing “partition failed” error in Mac OS X using by booting into single user mode:

  • First you need to reboot the Mac into single user mode by holding Command + S while booting
  • In the command prompt, you have to type like this /sbin/fsck –fy
  • After the completion of fsck, you need to type “exit” or “reboot” for rebooting
  • Next, boot your Mac as usual and then verify the disk again in Disk Management Utility and also partition as usual

Meanwhile, you have to boot your Mac system as usual and need to relaunch the Disk Utility in order to verify the disk drive. Continue this and partition the drive as well as usual, and you won’t face any error message like early this time. This process won’t lead to any data loss on your Mac drives.

Solution 2: Resolving partition failed error in Mac OS X using Remo Recover software:

Suppose the first solution failed to fix the issue and get back your data files, then there might be some serious issue on your Mac machine. In such situations, you need to rely on some powerful and ideal third party tool like Remo Recover to resolve partition failed with the error couldn’t unmounts disk Mac OS X and extract all your data files from it without losing single one. Moreover, you can use this free software to recover deleted files on Mac as well as lost files on Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, etc. It also recovers lost as well as deleted files from various storage devices like external hard drive, memory card, pen drive, USB flash drive, FireWire drive, and other storage devices with ease.