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Why should you optimize large Outlook files?

As you may noticed, MS Outlook tends to respond slower to your commands, as time goes by over your Office Outlook installation. It will start taking more time to launch, navigate between folders or even to send/receive emails. They are more likely to occur when the size of the .pst file or the size of the .ost file approaches 4 GB or larger. Some of the Outlook symptoms which you may experience are mentioned below:

  • It takes several minutes for Outlook to start
  • Outlook doesn't respond to your commands or its responses are erratic
  • It takes a lot of time for Outlook to switch folders or to view email content
  • Outlook dies or it opens slowly, after it was minimized to the Windows systray
  • You constantly get Outlook crashes or error messages

All these can be extremely frustrating and may even force you to look for alternatives to repair large PST file or OST file of Outlook, but hold on, there is still some hope. If the PST file crosses its maximum size liit, then it results in the corruption of PST file. Along with oversized PST file, there are several factors behind PST file corruption. To know how to prevent PST file from corruption you need to follow some precautionary measures.

Tips on optimizing Outlook to run and work faster

  • Disable/Remove unwanted Add-ins
  • Keep Outlook updated
  • Compact PST file
  • Disable RSS feed

If all the above mentioned tips didn’t make any difference and your Outlook is still running slow, then the only solution is to download Remo Outlook repair tool for free and easily access your Outlook data. Remo Repair Outlook tool is 100% safe as it works in read-only mode and completely free from viruses /malware/spyware.