Hard Disk Short DST Failed How to Fix

Consider a scenario, where your computer’s screen is displaying blank after the Windows logo screen, when you turned on your system, and it stayed blank forever. The screen remained backlit and occasionally you would see a mouse cursor.

In such stage, you might have tried to fix the issue by pressing ESC to start-up menu and used system diagnostics. At the end of start-up test, you might have encountered an error message like “Hard Disk Short DST: Failed and Start-Up Test: Failed”. And everything else might have passed once you encounter such error message.

What is the indication of hard drive short DST check failed error?

After you run the start-up test, if you end up getting hard disk short check failed error code GLWG6K-00075P-MFKT01-60V403, then this 24-character error code for the short Disk Self-Test (DST) would indicate that your hard drive is failing and you need to fix it as soon as possible to avoid further more damage. There are plenty of reasons behind failing hard disk drive, and few common ones are sudden power outage while hard disk is in use, overheating of the hard drive, ageing of the hard drive, and many more.

How to Fix Hard Drive Short DST Check Failed error?

It is recommended to backup all important data files that are stored on the hard drive in order to avoid severe data loss. Then, run the drive manufacturer’s diagnostic tool. Or else, you can try with third party hard disk drive diagnostic tool for testing the drive and see what has really happened to your hard drive. Alternatively, you can try it by connecting the hard drive to a different computer, and if same thing happens, then it might be due to a faulty SATA connection.

In case, if it is too late to back up your important data from failing hard drive, then the only option left out with you to recover data from a failed laptop hard disk is by utilizing an appropriate and ideal data recovery software like Remo Recover on your laptop. This software restores more than 300 kinds of files from failed, corrupted, damaged, inaccessible, and broken hard disk drives with utmost ease. Additionally, you can even restore data from hard drive with Fatal device error, hard drive not formatted error, etc. in a matter of minutes.