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How long does Remo Recover take to Recover Data?

Time taken by Remo Recover software to restore your data back depends on various phases of recovery. The factors are highlighted here:

  • System Speed

Remo Recover revival process basically depends on your system’s RAM. Thus, system speed is considerable factor to scan the drive.

  • Size of Storage Device

This tool initially scans the drive thoroughly from which you wish to recover data. Hence, the scanning period varies depending on the size of drive.

  • Number of Types of Files Selected

Once the drive scan is accomplished & you opt for signature-search option, software displays a database of file types that it can recover. Number of file types selected by you will decide the estimated recovery speed & time.

  • Running Multiple Programs simultaneously

Suppose multiple applications on your system are running simultaneously while scanning the drive, then the recovery process could be delayed. So it’s better to shut all applications before the usage of this tool.

Taking into account these factors, it can be said that recovery time is quite satisfactory & moreover, you will get back entire lost data.

In case you are still facing any difficulty in recovering data you can always feel free to contact out Technical Suport team available round the clock. Click here to open a ticket.