Help - Why My Hard Disk Drive is Showing Wrong Capacity

If you're reading this, your hard drive is probably showing less disk space than its normal capacity. Why wait to worsen things up? Just download the free demo edition of Remo Recover and begin recovering files from your hard disk drive which is showing wrong free space.


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Though there are so many alternatives, Windows Explorer is still favorite hard drive browser for many users. Now, just consider a scenario, where you have a hard drive of 500 GB capacity, and when you have opened Windows Explorer to see its properties, its capacity looked only 400 GB. You may be wondering where the remaining 100 GB went. Don’t worry, as this article explains why do hard disk drives show fewer capacities and how to fix it.

What makes your hard disk drive showing wrong capacity and how to fix it?

There are plenty of reasons Windows could display wrong capacity of free space. Few important ones are due to invisible shadow files, formatting overhead, and hidden recovery partitions to misleading the storage capacities that are advertised by hard disk drive manufacturers.

If your hard disk drive is showing less capacity, then it is an indication that some problem in a part of the firmware. Actually, a firmware is a tool that is programmed to hard disk platters and it plays a major role in the normal functioning of the hard disk. The main function of firmware is to ensure correct and safe read/write and data access operations on the drive. If it gets corrupt or damaged, then the drive will get corrupt eventually and won’t let you access the saved data files completely. In such conditions, it lets you partial access to the data saved in the drive.

There is another possibility behind hard drive not showing full capacity, and it could be due to drive head problems and corruption issues stinging around the storage drive that needs to be resolved. If you don’t take right actions in such stage, then it can lead you to a burdensome stage, where your data files get completely corrupt. In other words, your data remains in the same location, but being made inaccessible.  

Solution to fix hard drive showing wrong free space:

The possible solutions to fix hard drive showing wrong capacity is by formatting the entire storage drive and the other is by utilizing Disk Management utility. If you have maintained a proper and regular backup of your files, then formatting the drive is a better option in order to reuse the drive, which is showing wrong capacity. In case if you don’t have backup, then formatting ends up in loss of entire data from that particular drive.

As an alternative solution, you can use Disk Management utility to fix the issue. But, most of the times, users end up in deleting partitions containing your essential files. In such critical stage, the only option left out with you is utilizing a reliable hard drive repair utility like Remo Recover software, which is an excellent tool to solve any kind of issues related to hard drives. This ideal hard drive repair tool fixes the issues in all the above situations including firmware glitches. One can use this software for recovering data from a failing hard disk drive, accidental formatting, Master Boot Record corruption, lost or deleted partition recovering, and in many other scenarios.