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Things to keep in mind after data loss:

Anyway, for those who have lost data from their devices on account of any reason, you will be able to undelete them by using Remo Recover data recovery utility, by following its simple steps to use Remo Recover utility. But, something you have to remember that is avoid using damaged drive before recovering lost data from it. Suppose, if you had used the system before recovery, it may cause permanent data loss. So, just in case if you lost data from laptops, PCs, digital camera, mobile phone or any other electronic devices stop using the device to avoid overwriting of the data files. Because once the missing file is overwritten they are less chances of recovery.

Simple ways to prevent data loss:

Data disaster and corruption of data can make anyone extreme frighten, chaos and people usually make bad decision in this situation. Please don't panic and have a look at below mentioned tips and tricks because there is a right and wrong method for data recovery on any device. We can assist you restore your lost data on various types of platforms. Here's some tips and advice on what to do and not to do, in regards to data recovery.

The Do's of Data Loss:

  • DO try to check the file system integrity and readiness of the drive into a working PC. In case, Operating System is corrupt or hardware problem with the original system you can simply copy your data without any complications.
  • DO try with the demo version of data recovery utility from the net to check the efficiency and if you are happy then purchase the software.
  • DO seek professional advice if you are not sure about what you are doing.
  • DO back up of your data regularly and very often to prevent data loss.

Below are some Do Not's of Data Loss:

  • DO NOT open your computer drive and expose the data!!!
  • DO NOT put your hard disk in the cooler and then try to spin it up.
  • DO NOT hear to any person or avoid searching home remedies on the Internet instead seek professional help.
  • DO NOT install recovery application on the same disk or partition in which your lost data are on, as the installation will overwrite them.
  • DO NOT run the CD or DVD of recovery furnished with your computer.