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Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Can’t play large recovered videos

You can play restored videos from various storage media on Windows, Mac and Android operating systems using demo version of Remo Recover. However, playing of recovered video files depends upon certain factors like size of file, format of file, etc. Mostly videos with small file size can be completed played, but retrieved video files that have large size and high quality resolution can’t be played using demo version of the software. Moreover, you can get complete details of rescued video file irrespective of its file size such as file type, size, date of creation, date of modification and other permission attributes (Read only, deleted, hidden, system, etc.) Sometimes, the recovered videos may not play due to incomplete recovery or other reasons. You can fix the recovered video that won't play by making use of expert video repair tool from REMO.

Nevertheless, Remo Recover ingeniously examines the complete hard drive and retrieves lost and deleted videos from the scenarios like accidental deletion, formatting, repartitioning, hard drive corruption, virus attack, etc. However, by getting its paid version or registering demo version to full version you can save all your loved and favorite video files.