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Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Can you restore videos on S4?

Losing or deleting videos on Galaxy S4 is getting quite common these days. This is why many Samsung S4 users post queries like can I recover deleted videos on S4, is it possible to retrieve lost videos on Samsung S4, etc. Well for all such users here is good news, recovery of videos on S4 is achievable!!!!

Since Samsung S4 stores user data in SD card or other external memory card, one can restore deleted, lost and inaccessible files and folders from it with a prominent Android data recovery tool and get rid of this annoying question forever. Remo Recover for Android, efficiently recovers and restores videos on Galaxy S4.

Here are a few reasons that cause videos to be lost from your Samsung Galaxy S4:

  • Abruptly removing SD card from the device.
  • Viruses on the SD card can damage the videos and make them corrupt. Such files may be deleted without the user’s knowledge.
  • Interruptions while transferring videos to the SD card.

During such scenarios, you can effortlessly recover the videos from your Galaxy S4 by making use of Remo Recover.

Note: Videos that are lost / deleted due to physical damage or that are overwritten cannot be recovered from S4.