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Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Can I use Remo Repair PowerPoint to Recover PPT files?

No, Remo Repair PowerPoint is an application used particularly to repair PowerPoint files and not recover the same. However, Remo offers an application called Remo Recover which is designed to recover files and can also recover PowerPoint files at the same time. Remo Recover is one of the ultimate recovery software which can recover PPT files regardless of what version they belong to.
Remo Recover is capable of running on all versions of Windows as well as on Mac OS. It comes with a simple interface and requires no human intervention once the recovery process is underway.
Here are a few significant causes that will substantially lead to PPT file deletion on your system:

  • Power surge while working on a PPT file if the file is not saved.
  • Viruses in the system have the potential to access the PPT files and ultimately delete them.
  • Accidental deletion of files by the user.
  • Interruptions while moving the PPT files from the system.