Can I Rescue Files from Locked Android Phone?

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Can I Recover Files from Locked Android Phone?

Consider this scenario – You have stored many photos and other contents on your Android Smartphone which is password protection enabled and you somehow are not able to remember what the password to unlock your Android device is. Hence the device is locked and you are not able to unlock it or access its contents. You want to retrieve important photos and other contents from that locked Android phone. So you might want to ask “Can I rescue files from locked Android phone?”

It is quite a possibility that you can rescue all contents from your locked Android phone, provided that you have the right tool to carry out this task. Here, we’re talking about Remo recover for Android – an advanced data recovery tool for all data recovery scenarios.

With Remo Recover for Android tool, you can recover all contents from the microSD card of your Android Smartphone with ease. Connect your phone to a Windows computer via a USB drive or directly use your microSD card using a card reader and begin recovering all your contents which are deleted or are missing. Also, if the USB tethering is already enabled on your phone by default, you can use Remo Recover tool to rescue all contents from the internal memory of the locked Android phone too.

Remo Recover for Android app has many sophisticated data recovery options such as recovery after file deletion, formatted drive recovery and more. For complete details regarding Remo Recover, please visit the main site.