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Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Is It Possible To Recover Zip Files Using Remo Repair Zip?

No, you cannot recover Zip files by making use of Remo Repair Zip. To recover Zip files you need a recovery tool which can recover deleted files from your system whereas Remo Repair Zip is used to repair corrupt or damaged Zip files. Fortunately, there’s a recovery tool from Remo called Remo Recover which is particularly designed to help you out in recovering not just Zip files but files of almost all types and sizes. It’s a professional recovery software which makes use of a sophisticated recovery technique that scans in-depth to recover each and every Zip files deleted from your system. Remo Recover is available for all versions of Windows as well as for Mac OS.

Below are a few causes for Zip file loss:

  • Accidental deletion of files by hitting ‘shift+delete’ key
  • Virus infected Zip files are highly prone to be deleted from the system without the users consent.
  • Unsafe system termination while Zipping or extracting a Zip file.