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Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Can I Recover Particular File?

As most of us are aware of the fact that data recovery is very much possible with the help of recovery tools, which are available at market in huge numbers. But what makes Remo Recover to stand a step ahead when compared to other recovery products is; it is the most trusted recovery software worldwide. It supports recover of data that are deleted, lost, corrupted and inaccessible on Windows Operating System and Mac PC. It also supports up to 300 file types that comprises of images, audios, videos and other document files. But what if sometimes, users want to recover particular files from the system?

To solve this kind of user’s problem, Remo Recover has a unique feature to recover selected file from any of the storage devices. It will quickly scan for the files that users want to recover and detects the file type that users had selected for restoring. Users can select the file types like JPEG, JPG, GIF, AVI, MOV, MP4 etc.

Remo Recover will help you to recover files that are deleted, lost, inaccessible and corrupt from Windows Operating System and Mac PC. This software also supports data recovery from Android Smartphone. It will easily restores files from both external memory and internal memory, even it is possible to recover Android application package (.apk) files

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