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Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Can I Recover IOS Data Using Remo Recover Mac?

Most of the users are confused that, whether data recovery from Apple iOS is possible or not using Remo Recover…? As they might think that, both Mac Operating System and iOS are the product of Apple Inc. The answer for this question is below.

Unfortunately, you cannot recover data from Apple IOS using Remo Recovery Mac. Even though the iOS and Mac Operating System are produced by the Apple Inc, the platform on which they are running is different. Mac Operating system is designed and developed for all Apple computers, where as Apple iOS is designed for Apple’s iPhones. So it is clear that iOS is a mobile based Operating system & Mac is a computer based Operating System.

However, you can recover data that you had transferred from iOS to your Mac system. Yes, it is perfect for you to use Remo Recover Mac, when you had lost data that you had copied from iOS on your Mac PC. This software recovers all the lost data, corrupt data, and inaccessible data on Mac PC which are copied from iOS. So to avoid data loss from your iOS, always have a practice to back up all your important data like pictures, audios, videos, and other personal documents on your Mac Operating System.