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Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Can I Recover files from my Android Gingerbread Version?

One can certainly recover files from Android Gingerbread version. Remo Recover is an application that is widely used for performing file recovery on Android. Regardless of what file you’re looking forward to recover, this android recovery tool has the ability to recover files of all types on all versions of Android. It ccan also recover deleted, lost or missing APK files from your Android device.

Remo Recover is designed with a simple user interface which lets you to perform recovery with much ease. After the software completes the recovery process, a list of recovered files is presented to you which can later be saved to any desired location on your system. It uses a unique and advanced recovery algorithm that has the ability to recover deleted files from the internal as well as external memory of your Android device, a feature that is not found on most of the Android recovery tools. To get an insight about the performance of this tool, you can also get the trial package to recover deleted files from your Android device.