Can I Recover Files Directly on Phone?

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Can I Directly Recover Files on Phone that are Deleted?

Here’s a detailed information provided for you in hopes of clarifying your queries in response to your question stating “can I recover files directly on phone?”

Beginning in an orderly manner, firstly you have to install Remo Recover on a Windows operating system with appropriate configurations. (Visit the main site for exact specifications regarding system requirements). Then you will have to connect the phone from which you wish to recover files to the computer via a USB cable. Once the software recognizes your attached device, you are ready to commence data recovery process directly.

On completion of the file recovery session, Remo Recover displays the entire list of recovered files along with an option to preview them individually. The software’s next screen is all about data save process. Here, you are provided with options to store your recovered files to any desired location including on your phone itself. You are free to choose your device’s internal or external storage as the preferred destination for all your recoverable files, provided there’s sufficient memory space available.

Note: It is however not recommended for you to store your recovered files directly to your phone as it can cause complications, should there be any error experienced during file restoration process. This can further worsen the conditions for you.

Also, when it is stated that you can directly recover files from a phone, it doesn’t mean that you can use the device alone to perform data recovery. You cannot install this utility on your handheld device as this is not supported and you will have to use a Windows based computer to perform data recovery.