Can I Recover Files Deleted Using Command Prompt?

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

How to Recover Files Deleted Using Command prompt?

File deletion is a way of removing a file or a folder from a computer’s memory device. In Microsoft Windows operating systems, there are quite a few methods to delete a file- few of them being temporary and the others permanent. The most common file delete action is by right-clicking on the file which is to be deleted and select Delete option from the list and confirm it by clicking OK in the window. The file is not permanently removed but it is moved to Recycle Bin, from where it can be restored back at any given point of time. Deleting a file using Shift + Delete command or emptying the Recycle Bin are considered as permanent ways of removing a file. Another way of deleting a file is by using Windows Command Prompt (cmd.exe) which can be initiated from Start menu or by typing “cmd” in the Run window. Deleting files using Command Prompt action erases files permanently from a Windows operating system.

Understanding file delete action in Windows:

In Windows operating systems, when a file is stored on its hard drive, its address is stored on an Index directory. If the file is deleted using any delete options, i.e. either temporary or permanent, only the address referring to that file is deleted and not the entire file itself. That file is just marked as deleted and its space as available.

Can I recover files deleted using Command Prompt?

Recovering files which are deleted using Windows Command Prompt cannot be done with the default Windows operating system software. But there are certain third party softwares like Remo Recover that can effectively restore all contents that were deleted using Windows Command Prompt tool. Remo Recover software can not only recover files which were deleted using cmd.exe tool, but can also recover deleted data from formatted, reformatted, partitioned or re-partitioned drives. Remo Recover is a reliable and effective data recovery tool which works on all major versions of Windows as well as Mac operating systems. For more details regarding Remo Recover utility, visit the main site.