Is It Possible to Recover Data After Secure Empty Trash?

Can I Restore Files After Secure Empty Trash?

There’s a reason why Secure Empty Trash feature is not enabled on Mac systems by default. Besides taking much longer time that usual, this might shorten the overall lifespan of the hard drive. This is not recommended for a normal user unless you have highly confidential data to delete. Let’s see what exactly happens during a Secure Empty Trash option is executed.

Secure Empty Trash is a unique feature included in Mac OS X that performs a 1 X pass erasure of the data. The data that is deleted using Secure Empty Trash feature is overwritten by junk data so that it is not recoverable using any data recovery softwares.

In a normal delete action, only the address to locate that file on the drive is erased, leaving rest of the data intact. The deleted content certainly becomes invisible to the operating system but is never technically removed from that volume unless that space is overwritten by any new content. If you are using Secure Empty Trash option to delete a file, it deletes the file and replaces its data with junk contents on that volume.

However in all other cases, except from Secure Empty Trash, data can be recovered using a powerful data restoration tool such as Remo Recover. You can use Remo Recover to perform data recoveries on various kinds of situations such as accidental erasure, drive format / partitioning errors, volumes affected with bad sectors, to mention a few. You can get more information about Remo Recover on our main site.