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Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Can I Recover Deleted Files From Android Jelly Bean?

Yes, you can surely recover deleted files from Android jelly Bean or any other Android version for that matter. Remo Recover has the ability to recover deleted files regardless of which Android version the device is running on. It can recover photos, videos, songs and APK files which makes it the outstanding recovery software among the lot. It uses a distinctive recovery strategy that can rigorously scan and recover each and every file from the internal as well as the external memory of the Android device.
Here are a few scenarios that result in deletion of files from a device that’s running on Android Jelly Bean:

  • There’s a slight chance of losing your files while upgrading the operating system of your Android device.
  • Removing the SD card in an unsafe fashion can also lead to data loss if it’s continued for a prolonged period of time.
  • Accidental format of SD card or phone’s internal memory.
  • Viruses in the SD card or phone’s internal memory can also lead to data loss.