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Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Is it possible to recover data that was deleted long time ago?

Yes, with Remo Recover you can absolutely recover data that was deleted long time ago that to irrespective of the reasons. It an award winning software that has a long list of satisfied customer reviews. No doubt you can recover data like files, folders, application using Remo Recover that was deleted long back ago, only if deleted data is not overwritten.

However, recovery of data after a long time is not suggested, as it increases the chance of data overwriting, which may lead to permanent loss of files / data. If you are willing to restore deleted data, then it is strongly advised to do it, as soon as you come cross it.

But how?

Don’t worry it’s not that tough, all you need to do is make use of Remo Recover. The software is designed with easy to use GUI and integrated with high class data retrieval techniques using which software will detect files that were deleted long back ago in a couple of minutes, allowing you to recover old deleted files. Remo Recover performs an entire hard drive scan that too sector by sector and retrieves each and every deleted files in few simple steps