Is Data Recovery on a Failed Hard Drive Possible?

External USB hard drive are available in different sizes and huge capacity are extensively used by the people for storing their personal and business related data files. With the popularity of the external HDD, it certainly brings enough convenience in your day-to-day life. But while accessing or storing files from external hard disk, few unexpected scenarios can occur which might cause failure of external HDD.

Factors that leads to failed external hard drive are:

  • One of the common reason behind failure of external hard drive is virus attack. Dreadful viruses or Malware infection may damage the file system of external HDD which leads to inaccessibility.
  • Abrupt computer failure whilst transferring files from external hard disk might result in failed external drive.
  • Using the same external drive on several computers over the network also lead to failure of external hard drive as a result files and folders stored on it cannot be accessed.
  • Sudden halt to hard disk formatting or repartitioning operation cause external hard drive failure resulting in loss of vital data.

Can data be recovered from a failed external HDD?

Obviously yes!! Do not worry when your removable USB drives fails to work! Now it is very simple to perform failed hard drive data recovery because the external hard drive is just failed but the data saved on it is still intact. Recovering lost data from external disk is possible if one utilizes Remo Recover application.

About Remo Recover toolkit:

  • A well-known tool to execute data recovery on failed external hard disk.
  • It is designed and built with automated algorithms to effectively retrieve complete data from failed external drive on different Windows platforms.
  • Ability to restore lost data due to accidental deletion, format error, virus attack, OS crash etc. from external hard drive.
  • Supports data recovery from various hardware RAID, local hard disk drive, USB drives, SD card, memory card and many more.
  • Most helpful software to recover files after master reset settings on Windows hard drive
  • The most welcomed feature of this wizard is that it doesn't allow you to save the recovered data files to the same drive from where it was lost to avoid overwritten of data.