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Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Can I Make Use of Save Recovery Session Any Time?

Save Recovery session option is prior step to save the recovered data using Remo Recover tool, which allow users to avoid re-scanning of the same drive or device again and again for data recovery. This option save the user’s precious time and help them to save the recovered files quickly. As this is very useful and unique feature of Remo Recover, most of the users might get into confusion over this option like save recovery session can be used anytime or not?

To make this thing clear, here we are with the best answer for above question. Yes, there is no doubt in using save recovery session anytime you want. Once you scan the storage device for the data recovery and save the recovery session, you can make use of same session later anytime you want. But the files deleted or lost after save recovery session cant not be recovered by using the previously save session, as that event had taken place after saving recovery session. So if you want to recover the files that are deleted or lost after the date of saved recovery session, then you need to re-scan the storage device once again in order to fetch the deleted or lost files.

In order to avoid complexity and confusion in data recovery process or save recovery session, it is suggested to save the recovered files as early as possible, so that your lost or deleted data will be back with you in quick time.