Can I Make Payment Through Cheque?

Posted by: Leo Mccoy

Is Payment Through Cheque Possible?

Can I Make Payment Through Cheque? No, the payments options at Remo Software do not include payment by cheques in order to avoid security infringements. Payment by cheque is not one of a convenient means for you and as well as for us, and it may have various kinds of risks involved. Electronic or online payment methods are far more secure and accurate than the conventional means for more reasons than one.

However, there are better payment options at Remo Software which facilitates easy, secure and hassle-free money transfer between Remo Software and its consumers which are detailed below. Make use of these payment options and instantly get access to the complete list of features of Remo Software products.

The available payment options at Remo Software are:

  • Credit Card – Visa / MasterCard / American Express / JCB / Maestro
  • Bank / Wire transfer – with Invoice