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Posted by: Leo Mccoy

How to Fix Android OS Battery Drain Issue?

With lot of games to play around and amazing apps to explore, you can’t stop using your Android Smartphone for a single minute, but what about its battery life? Unfortunately to keep you busy with interesting apps and games your Android OS uses lot of battery life, because of which your Android Smartphone battery drains quickly. This has become common problem to every Android OS based device user. Well here are few useful tips that will help you to save your Android OS battery.

Make use of these tips to fix Android OS device battery drain problem:-

  • Make sure app’s and tasks that are not in use are closed
  • Keep Wi-Fi off when it is not required
  • Turn on the sleep mode while you are not using phone for a long time
  • Disable data connection when internet services are not needed

Apart from this there are many apps that are available for your Android operating system based phones that can fix this issue by optimizing Android battery life or by using Remo More utility.