Recover Western Digital Data on Mac Yosemite

“I have an Apple iMac computer that is running on OS X Yosemite which is the latest version of operating system from Apple. I have saved a lots of important data files in its volume. So as a backup, I use a Western Digital (WD) external hard drive to save some of my important data. But recently, I happened to lose some files from the backup storage itself, that is, from my WD external hard disk and I don’t have access to my iMac right now as I am out of town. I want to get back those lost files from the external hard drive at any cost. Can anyone please suggest me a way to reliably get my files back without harming them? I have a Yosemite enabled Mac here as well.”

Recovering files from a WD external hard drive on Mac Yosemite:

Have you too faced a similar issue and are looking for a way to get back lost or erased contents from a Western Digital external hard drive on Mac Yosemite? You have arrived at the right page then - here is the perfect solution for your woes. Read on to know how.

In order to efficiently bring back files from a Western Digital hard drive via a Mac running on the latest OS X Yosemite, you require an equally efficient Mac partition recovery tool as Remo Recover. Using this powerful data recovery tool, you can recover all data from your WD external hard drive on Mac Yosemite based computer with ease. You can also recover files from Toshiba external hard drive using this software.

First of all let’s get to know some important factors due to which data loss on WD external hard drive occurs:

Here are some common scenarios:

  • Unintended File Deletion: Sometimes, it can happen that while deleting unnecessary data or while performing some other task on your Western Digital external hard drive, you might accidentally hit the delete button on wrong files and end up deleting them.
  • Wrong Handling of the USB Drive: Improper removal and insertion of the WD external media storage volume from a computer on a frequent basis will definitely make the device to malfunction, resulting in data loss.
  • Interruption of Ongoing File Transfer Process: One may frequently transfer data between an external hard drive and a Mac computer. Suppose, any interruption occurs while transferring files then there are chances of losing data from it. This is particularly true if you are using Cut and Paste option.

Performing data recovery on WD external hard drive using Remo Recover on Mac Yosemite:

With the help of this highly recommended data recovery software for Mac OS X Yosemite - Remo Recover, you can efficiently get back all data from various brands of external hard disk drives including Western Digital, Toshiba, Seagate, on all Mac OS X running computers. This software can be employed on all later versions of Mac OS X and it supports recovery of files on Windows OS based computers as well. In addition, Remo Recover can be used to rescue data from all other kinds of secondary memory devices including flash drives such as SD cards, SDHC cards, pen drives, etc.


Steps to retrieve files from WD external hard drive on Mac Yosemite:

Step 1: Download and install Remo Recover on your Mac system and launch it to open main screen. Select "Recover Volumes / Drives" option.

Western Digital Data Recovery Mac Yosemite - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select "Volume Recovery" option from the next screen.

Recover Western Digital Data on Mac Yosemite - Select Volume Recovery

Figure 2: Select Volume Recovery

Step 3: Select the WD external hard drive from where data is to be recovered and click "Next".

Restore Western Digital Data on Mac Yosemite - Select Drive

Figure 3: Select Drive

Step 4: Once the WD data recovery process is completed, the entire list of recovered data shall be displayed.

Retrieve Western Digital Data on Mac Yosemite - Recovered Data

Figure 4: Recovered Data

Step 5: Click "Save Recovery Session" option for saving the entire recovery process.

Recover Data from Western Digital Hard Drive On Mac Yosemite - Save Recovery Session

Figure 5: Save Recovery Session